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McComb, MS

We are conveniently located in the McComb medical community, just a few minutes from Southwest Regional Medical Center. Guy's Pharmacy has been a family business serving the community sine 1976. With a dedicated team of healthcare professionals committed to elevating local pharmacy, we can serve a range of healthcare needs.

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Prescription Drugs

At Guy's Pharmacy, we go beyond filling prescriptions by offering out community healthcare services and support. Let us make it easier to manage you health with out prescription services and free local delivery in the McComb area.

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Medication Synchronization

Medication can get complicated if you're juggling multiple prescriptions. Experience hassle-free prescription transfers and medication refills.If you want to simplify your life a little, we can fill all your prescriptions on the same day every month. Our pharmacy tam can handle everything, from working with your local physician to ensuring you never run out of medication.

Sterile Compounding

Specialty Compounding

If you or your family has allergies or other sensitivities, our compounding pharmacy in McComb can customize your medication. Our compounding pharmacists are leading experts in the field and can dispense your prescription into capsules, creams, or suspensions.

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Gerald Lea, RPh

At Guy's Pharmacy, we've got something valuable: decades of experience. Gerald Lea, is a trusted pharmacist with over 52 years in the industry. After graduating from the University of Mississippi Pharmacy School, Gerald focused his healthcare career on supporting the health and wellness needs of the community. With certifications in pharmacy-based immunizations, CPR, and Medication Therapy Management, he's well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes his way. He strives to provide the best possible care, whether drug interactions, medication adherence, or anything in between.


LaVarshia Newsome-Pittman, RPh

Meet LaVarshia Newsome-Pittman - a dedicated pharmacist with 26 years of industry know-how and a passion for empowering people to take control of their health. She holds a range of certifications, including a PharmD., specialized residency in ambulatory and primary care, and Cardiovascular Interventional medicine. Originally from Prentiss, MS, LaVarshia graduated from Xavier College of Pharmacy and has been committed to helping people improve their lives ever since. Her favorite part about the work is guiding people to understand their health and establishing goals toward a healthier lifestyle.

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